If you are a Cab Owner or Taxi-Cab Company....
          we can help you earn while your cab drives through the city
  Your cab-taxi is not just a mode of transport... it is also an invaluable source of income for you as it helps companies reach their target customers.
  The Ads we use on cabs are top-class; they also assist in protecting the paint of your car. Thereby the resale value of your car will stand a better chance.
  With MediaRide you are definitely assured the best benefits and assistance.
So, Give us a Call Now and Let use help you earn while your Cab stands idle waiting on a customer too...

FAQ : Your Queries Answered

Will the wrap damage my paint?
Can I take it through the car wash?
What if I dent a side of my car, can my car wrap be fixed?
Will my car wrap peel or fade?

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