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Branding the Taxi-Cab Exteriors

This is a media of advertising wherein advertisements are placed on the sides of the vehicle covering the taxi entirelyThis blending creates outstanding visibility and great value for money. The greater area also provides for complete utilization of artistic freedom.

The following space on the cab is available:

  Full wrap
  Door wrap
  Boot wrap

Using a "Jingle" in the Cab !!!

A jingle in a cab is highly effective because of its simplicity and uniqueness.

When the Cab Meter is switched on...Your AD is played: And when the meter is switched off...your ad plays again.

You alone are guaranteed the customer’s complete attention.

Advertising the Cab Interiors

Looking for a captive audience? The Internal Advertising is the best value for your needs.

Use the space to target the upper crest crowd because Ads placed in this space are bound to catch attention.

  Leaflet distribution
  Voucher distribution
  Business card distribution
  Sponsored receipts

Advertising on Receipts

Most Customers do keep their receipts for audit and book-keeping purposes.

Get the attention with your ad on the receipt.

Create this space as a discount-coupon and build your sales and customer walk-ins.

Your Brand on a CAB Road Show:

A fleet of cabs moving in a row is a guaranteed spectacle.

Get yourself a fleet of cabs travel through the city, displaying your ads.

You can have a minimum of 8 cabs moving slowly, in a row, on the roads for 2-3 hours for a day or more to display your campaign.

  Your business Ad moves as the city travels, and stares back at you because it is there. So, wherever the taxi-cab goes ...your brand goes too.
  Expect your ads at airports, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, schools, major events and the list goes on.
  Cab-taxi advertising has a 97% recall rate and boosts name recognition 15 times greater than traditional forms of advertising(Source: Arbitron Outdoor 2001; Product Acceptance & Research)
  Just imagine the spectrum of consumers you will reach with one cab ride. And we at MediaRide will be with you ensuring your advertising success all the way.

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